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Penny Stock Egghead Review from Nathan Gold.

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Hi, and welcome to my latest review regarding the stock market-

In this review I will discuss the pros and cons of Nathan Gold who is the creator of this penny stock business.

Penny Stock Egghead One Trade A Week

We will have a look at his One trade a week club and see if this Penny stock egghead phenomena is a scam or a clever way to make money.

First and foremost: the One trade a week club. What’s this? Trading just once a week? Well, in a nutshell yes.

So what does this Nathan Gold do then? To be honest he does a heap of work and saves the potential investor a mountain of time.

Gold cleverly researches companies of all calibre, which in this current market is a total maze I must admit, he then “separates the wheat from the chaff”and produces advice and information on which the subscriber may choose to follow through with and invest.

So, what’s next? Well, each lucky subscribed member of this One trade a week club will receive his carefully selected choice. Unfortunately for us, we have no idea how he selects the company, but he has proven to choose good ones!

For instance, take this example from  January 2014, where his most recent pick went from $0.611 to a high of $1.187 in a few days. That’s a whopping increase of 94%! (Believe me; I know these facts are true because I was the one checking out this Nathan Gold guy. (A cheesy business name perhaps, but you make the connection, right?)

And, by the way I can’t let you know the name of the company; you got to do like I did, subscribe and wait for the e mail to arrive! The next step is up to you!

You don’t even have to wait a lifetime for the news, just a week as almost every Friday is the nominated day for you to get the information.So, now we know how he operates let’s look at why I like this Gold guy.

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Firstly, there is no long winded annual subscription, just the one off payment.Yes, just once-no standing orders, no direct debits, just pay once and you are in for life! He gives you 60 days to test run his picks and the offer of a refund. Can’t get fairer than that really.

Next, the fact that he mails you routinely and in the unusual event of a delay he informs you, and you don’t get a mountain of junk in between mail is great .When you open your inbox you know what you are getting, because you asked for it.

I really liked this because it’s business as you subscribed to, and not unsolicited mail offering you purchases related to his main product. How do I know? Again, I can say I know because I have done the checking in the last few weeks and have been satisfied with the service.

Here’s what else I liked-(and for me, this would be the most important) freedom to invest without having to spend a minimum quota, or discuss with other team members. I can invest whenever and how much I choose. It would just be me and my broker. GREAT!


Now, before I go there is just one thing that annoyed me about trading with Pennystock Egghead Nathan Gold. If you already have a stock trading account like me, you will have to open a new account and find a broker who is willing to trade at this penny stock level. Yes, annoying but not the end of world I know! Looking realistically this is minimum disruption I suppose.


Anyway, here’s some good news to balance what I said. Nathan Gold suggest some brokers that work with this penny stock trading so there’s a load of time saved again! Go for Gold I’d say.


Right, let’s wrap up this Penny Stock Egghead Review then:

As with any kind of stock trading there has to be a certain element of risk, goes without saying. But, on the whole I would say well invested penny shares.

As the picks are regular and reliable you save time and effort and don’t miss the boat when a bargain is coming up. Managing your time will not be another stress in your life because you KNOW the information is coming ,it’s just up to you then how to choose to use the pick.


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penny stock egghead review

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